Contributions to news media

2020 (7 January). Interview on TV Ontario’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin. Invited on the panel discussion from my The Conversation article, Bullying won’t be curbed until we figure out what fuels it. Recorded on 9 December 2019.

2019 (5 December). Interview on my The Conversation article, Bullying won’t be curbed until we figure out what fuels it. 570 News Radio: Kitchener Today with Brian Bourke. Kitchener, ON.

2019 (19 November). Interview on Don Cherry based on my The Conversation article entitled, Ron MacLean evades the real problem of Don Cherry’s ‘you people’ remarks.  570 News Radio: The Mike Farwell Show. Kitchener, ON.

2019 (24 September). Podcast interview for Pedagogy Non-Grata. Interviewer: Nathaniel Hansford.

2019 (5 June). Interview on my research for the Centre for Education, Law, and Society. Simon Fraser University, Surrey, BC.

2018 (30 October). Interview on fear based on my The Conversation article entitled, Harnessing the power of fear.  1310 News: The Rick Gibbons Show. Ottawa, ON.

2017 (12 April). Identifying anxiety. Article by Neil Bassan. The Runner.

2016 (20 October). Safe spaces 101. Article by Neil Bassan. The Runner.

2016 (26 July). Interview on Pride for KDocs Pride screening of How We Got Gay and Transforming Gender. Roundhouse Radio 98.3, Vancouver BC.

2016 (29 February). Interview on White privilege and the Oscar awards. News Talk 770. Calgary, AB.

2015 (14 August). Ronda Rousey doesn’t need to fight Floyd Mayweather to prove anything. Article by Kevin B. Blackistone. The Washington Post.

2014 (12 June). Interview on the Torrence Collier bullying case in Westport, NL. CBC News Network with Heather Hiscox.

2013 (11 March). Commentator on bullying. Global News: BC1. Host: Jill Krop.

2012 (12 December). CTV news coverage of Stop the bullying! An anti-bullying session held at Sutherland Secondary School. North Vancouver, BC.

2012 (2 December). Letter contributor: Bully for you. Documentary on The Sunday Edition with Michael Enright.

2012 (14 November). Consultant for an episode of TV Ontario’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin on the culture of meanness. Interviewed by Hilary Clark, Producer.

2012 (16 June). Interview: Showing Pride. Article by Jeff Labine,

2012 (March 17). Announcement: Views on sexuality examined. Nanaimo News Bulletin, p. 15.

2012 (March 6). Interview: Response to my 2012 article in University Affairs (“Sexuality identity: Let’s get it all out on campus”). Superior Morning. CBC Radio (Mary-Jean Cormier, Host). Thunder Bay, ON.

2011 (June 20). Interview: Response to the Stanley Cup riots that took place in Vancouver on 15 June, based upon my editorial printed in the Vancouver Sun on 17 June 2011. The Great Northwest. CBC Radio (Lisa Laco, Host). Thunder Bay, ON.

2011 (April 15). Interview: Sociologist back to discuss bullying and homophobia. Comox Valley Record, p. A28.

2011 (April 15). Interview: Former Highland student tackles homophobia: Professor giving special talk here on bullying issue. Comox Valley Echo, p. B3.

2010 (August 30). Interview on my research for an upcoming article on gay-bashing by Francis Bula for Vancouver magazine.

2010 (July 31). Interview: Bullying and homophobia. Latin Waves Grassroots Media (CJSF 90.1 FM). Interview by Sylvia Richardson.

2010 (July 18). Interview: Two communities struggle with hate: South Asians blamed for many attacks, but members of ethnic group say there’s no evidence. Article by Tamara Baluja, Vancouver Province. Retrieved from

2010 (April 14). Interview and panel discussion: Homophobic bullying and annual Wear Pink Day. The Christy Clark Show. CKNW Radio. (Vancouver). Christy Clark Show – Apr 14 – Pink Shirt Day- Hours 1 and 2

2009 (October 26). Homophobia discussion at LU: Poofter PhD spreads the word on language and homosexuality. Article by Aidan Wall, The Argus, p. 3.

2009 (September 15). Interview: Response to the absence of city councillors at the rally and march for Jake Raynard. The Great Northwest. CBC Radio (Lisa Laco, Host). Thunder Bay, ON.

2008 (April 18). Interview: Bullying policies miss the point. Article by Adi Bloom, Times Educational Supplement. Retrieved from

2007 (April 18). Interview: Cyberbullying. The Bill Good Show. CKNW Radio. (Vancouver).

2006 (August 31). Interview: Study to gauge queer support in schools, Xtra West (340): 7, 9. Vancouver, BC. Article by Lori Kittelberg.

2005 (October25). Interview: Homophobic bullying. For the Record. CFML Radio: (Vancouver).

2004 (December 2). Interview: SFU News. Vol. 31, no. 7. Walton focuses on homophobic bullying. Article by Carol Thorbes.

2002 (June 6). Interview: Global TV. Homophobic bullying.

2002 (June 27). Interview: Gay taunts pervade schools, warns researcher. Article by Kerry Thompson, Guelph Mercury: p. B7.

2001. Interview published In Eating fire: Family life on the queer side by Michael Riordon. (Toronto: Between the Lines).

1999. Interview: CHEK-TV. Report on results of a research study: “It’s About a Lifetime:” Men’s stories about sexuality, relationships and safer sex. Final results from the Men’s Attitudes about Relationships & Sexuality (M*A*R*S) Project. Victoria BC.

1998 (August 6). Interview: A life not broken. Article by Jan (Brown) Harder. Xtra West (130): 12 – 13. Vancouver, BC.

1997. Interview: Religious identity and sexuality. The Howie Seagle Show. AM 600. (Victoria, BC).

1997 (June 26). Interview: Peaceful protest nets bad press: Kari Simpson shaped Victoria media reports. Article by Lawrence Aronovitch. Xtra West (101): 15. Vancouver, BC.

1997 (June 12). Interview: The Christian cure: Gerald Walton was a homosexual Christian – Could Jesus save him? Article by Brett Lowther. Monday Magazine (23) 25: 7 – 9. Victoria, BC.